End Goals

Outfit Virtual Stadiums

Curling clubs become “Virtual Stadiums” that are outfitted with camera equipment and rigged with dedicated high speed internet to record the broadcast of our featured sheets. Multiple games can be broadcast at once allowing fans to choose their favourite game to watch. Our target clubs are the most common curling clubs on the tour that host either multiple events each year or a significant annual event that has national attention.

Increase Fan Engagement

Finding curling to watch online can be a challenge, but our platform makes following your favorite teams simple. Follow live linescores of any Players Tour event and get direct links to any broadcast sheets. We have a vision of utilizing live streaming to grow the game and connecting fans to developing teams like never before. Finally you can watch each amazing moment that happens on the tour and meet developing teams before they reach the Grand Slams and World Championships.

Create New Revenue Opportunities

The livestream component of our platform allows for new and exciting ways to represent sponsors! 2020 was a challenging year for curling clubs, COVID made it extremely difficult to open. Our hope is that teams and clubs that place sponsor logos on screen and roll advertisements between ends can benefit from our broadcasts to develop new revenue streams. Our livestream software is designed specifically for curling events and can be managed for free by teams and events.